Microblading / Shading


• Add Ombré Brows Technique for $800 ($1500 regular price) •

Microblading is a modern method of permanent makeup that allows you to recreate, correct and improve the appearance of natural brows. This “brow architecture” procedure is ideal for both people who have natural brows and those who don’t. The results are natural looking and long lasting.

Microblading is considered a type of permanent makeup procedure in which the brow pigment is deposited with a manual pen-like tool. The handheld beauty enhancement tool features a thin blade on the end that contains extremely small needles. The blade itself is 3 times thinner than the microneedles, and that allows technicians to draw crisp, thin and natural looking hair strokes. The result of microblading is extremely realistic, personalized, & natural looking.

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⭐️ Microblading

⭐️ Mix Technique

⭐️ Brow Design

⭐️ Colorimetry

⭐️ Pigments knowledge

⭐️ Biosecurity

$750 Deposits are non-refundable.

Total course cost $1,500

Proof of Tattoo License is required.

Remaining balance can be paid in person .

Switching class dates is not an allowed once you select a date.

Certificate is obtained when training is completed.


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